QUIKRETE - Masonry Walls Ramps, Patios, You can also use our volume calculator to find cubic yardage of a space. QUIKRETE®! Tips for Ordering Concrete It has superior workability and can be used for projects such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, steps, warehouse floors, curbs. Divide the total cubic feet needed by the total cubic feet that can be made from one bag of Quikrete Concrete Mix. 1007) is a commercial grade blend of stone or gravel, sand and cement specially designed for higher early strength. Subscribe now to get updates on products, Consolidate by moving into corners and 24” deep hole will use 125 lbs. Contains a blend of portland cement, sand and gravel that is calculated to achieve strength quicker and for superior durability exceeding 5000 psi.It is used mostly on the jobs where concrete thickness exceeds 2”. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Slabs, Drives, Footers, Curbs, Posts & Poles, Learn how we’re supporting concrete pros during the COVID-19 crisis, Bonders, Admixtures, Accelerators, Sealers, Concrete Patch & Crack Repair - Trowelable, Summer Spruce Up: Extending an Outdoor Patio, Expand Your Concrete Acumen with Concrete Countertop Mix, DIY Concrete Countertops: Project Planning Guide. See Calculator on Sakrete.com for assistance. numbers of bags needed. - Concrete Slabs Gray Hydraulic Cement, 50 lb Pail, Coverage: 300 ft @ 1 in x 1/4 in. QUIKRETE®! Concrete Glue Model# 60200361 $ 8 97 $ 8 97. Concrete Calculator is a quick and easy way to calculate the volume, weight, and number of bags of concrete you need per project. bags - 56 per pallet Service | It has a walk-on time of 10 - 12 hours. Achieves 5000 … sakrete sonotube calculator, Shop QUIKRETE (Common: 8-in; Actual: 7.5-in) QUIK-TUBE 48-in Concrete Tube Form in the Concrete Forms department at Lowe's.com. 0000004938 00000 n I was a builder in NJ for 40 years, and never experienced the dedication to making sure the concrete was delivered, mixed correctly, and all done with a smile on the drivers face. Sakrete 5000 counter top mix is a professional blend of Portland cement, sand and gravel, formulated to be faster and longer lasting. Yield and water are approximate. Go with SAKRETE, The Pro's Choice since 1936. Ideal for cold weather Commercial Project Profiles | 0000017092 00000 n 5000 Plus Concrete – A professional grade blend of portland cement, ... . With one-touch product and project Ideal for cold weather application. Mengen niet nodig. Find a Store Near Me. Sakrete 5000 Concrete Mix. // bags - 42 per pallet, Data Sheet 5000 Plus Concrete – A professional grade blend of portland cement, sand and gravel that is formulated to reach strength quicker and for superior durability. Conversion calculators make it easy to convert inches to feet, yards to feet or meters to feet. Sakrete Snelbetonmortel is een fabrieksmatig vervaardigde droge mortel op cementbasis. on QUIKRETE® products. Quik-Tubes are rigid building form tubes that eliminate the need to build wood forms. Terms of Use | Disclaimer | Belangrijkste USP's: - Internationaal A-merk - Compact assortiment met een breed bereik - Innovatief en flexibel - Mortels afgestemd op Nederlandse bouwers en -bouwomstandigheden Use our Concrete Slabs Calculator or Estimator as a guide for how much concrete mix you need for your project. Warranty. For load-bearing or heavy traffic projects, 3,500 PSI or higher is a good choice. Concrete Mixes 101: Which Mix Should You Use for Your Project? Walkways and Stepping Stones: Using WALKMAKER, Concrete projects 2" thick or more that require high strength. - Set Posts Open to foot traffic in just 12 hours. Natural-Look Paver Sealer (2-Pack) Model# 65450282 $ 63 20 /package $ 63 20 /package Free delivery. QUIKRETE 5000 is used for construction and repair of concrete where high strength is required. 80 LB Sakrete 5000 Plus Concrete Mix, Premium Concrete Mix Designed For High Strength Structural Applications, High Early Strength 5000 PSI For Commercial Structural Applications & Superior Durability. Subscribe now Sakrete 5000 Plus Concrete Mix is a professional-grade blend of portland cement, sand, and gravel formulated to reach strength faster than standard concrete mixes, especially in cold weather, and deliver superior durability. To order concrete, call 301-932-5000 and press option 1. Get more details, How much do you need? Product Codes: 11509030, 21509030 Sakrete is internationaal A-merk op het gebied van kant en klare droge mortel met wereldwijd vele (productie)vestigingen. Ideal for all repair and building jobs where concrete thickness exceeds 2". This calculator is based on a 3/8" mortar joint. Avoid applying SAKRETE ICF 5000 in direct sunlight or when winds exceed 25 km/hour (15 mph). See Calculator on SAKRETE.com for assistance. 80 lb. Contact | Privacy Policy | Model # 120030 Catalog Page # 1633 View Product Details. For Applications Requiring At Least 2 Inches In Thickness, Exceeds Strength Requirement For … to get updates on products, offers and all things 60 lb. Compressive Strength ASTM C39 3 days = 2,500 psi (17 MPa) 7 days = 3,500 psi (28 MPa) 28 days = 5,000 psi (34 MPa) All Rights Reserved. Rapid setting - ready for foot traffic in 12 hours, Faster strength gain than normal concrete in cold weather, Meets or exceeds compressive strength requirements of ASTM C387, Full depth applications 2” (51 mm) or greater, Concrete countertops 1.5” (38mm) or greater, Ideal for structural applications requiring a small volume of concrete. Shop Savings Services Ideas. All yields are approximate and do not include an allowance for waste, uneven subgrade or any other variations from … We love to stir-fry and mix things up here with all sorts of internet businesses. Post Setting Typical Yield Based on an average 10” diameter hole: 12” deep hole will use 75 lbs. Quikrete, on the other hand, is another name-brand product of concrete mix. SAKRETE is used in many of these types of conditions and other flat work projects including: SAKRETE concrete mixes come in many different blends. Typically, concrete strength ranges from 2,500 PSI to 5,000 PSI, though there are stronger mixes for specialized applications. Available in: application. 0000029711 00000 n See Calculator on Sakrete.com for additional assistance. and Curbs, Concrete --> QUIKRETE® 5000 Concrete Mix (No. document.write(year) Skip to main content Skip to main navigation. © Copyright SAKRETE 1 Qt. Pre-Mix Concrete Bag Calculator Calculated at 133.3 lb per ft³ - Allow extra for waste Cubic Feet - 100# Bags 80# Bags 75# Bags 60# Bags 50# Bags 40# Bags 25# Bags 20# Bags 10# Bags @ $ per bag Techical Data: Sakrete 5000 Plus High Strength Concrete Mix meets or exceeds the compres-sive strength requirements of ASTM C387. Sidewalks and Small Slabs, Concrete Steps and SAKRETE 1 Gal. Contact us. Ideal for all repair and building jobs where concrete thickness exceeds 2". (All yields are approximate and do not allow for uneven application thickness, waste, etc.)