Police are going door to door to check on people reported as missing in hamlets where roads, electricity, communications and water supplies were cut off by the storm. Multiple mudslides were reported in Bitti (Nuoro province) on Sunday, November 29, following recent heavy rainfall in the region. In Policoro, a southern town in an area known for its ancient Greek ruins, a whirlwind ripped the roofs off two homes, but the occupants inside escaped injury, Italian news reports said. Giulia Carbonaro Share . Italian local authorities could not immediately be reached for comment. 25/11/2016 Devastating flooding in Italy's Sardinia leaves at least three dead. /Local Team/Reuters TV, A car in a river after flash floods in Bitti. The worst flooding to strike Venice in more than 50 years spurred officials in Italy to declare a state of emergency Thursday after water levels … At least three people were killed after heavy rain caused severe flooding. CLICK: THE SCIENCE SHOW YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE, "I am close to mayors, law enforcement agencies and the Civil Protection, which in these hours is committed to saving the citizens," Pais added, expressing condolences to the families of the victims. The storm, dubbed Alex, ravaged several villages around the city of Nice on the French Riviera. Additional nine people - from two families - die in Sicily after river bursts banks His brother managed to grab onto a … The body of one of the park’s three polar wolves was found after its enclosure was swept away by the floods. The flooding has put additional stress on regions coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Italy floods: Death toll climbs to 17 - as 14 million trees destroyed. Nuoro [ Italy ], November 29 (ANI/Sputnik): Floods in the Nuoro province of Italy 's Sardinia island have left at least three people killed and one … "Sardinia will remain united.". Copyright © 2020 CGTN. Gruesome find comes as 12 people are reported killed with a further 20 still missing, Last modified on Tue 6 Oct 2020 23.37 EDT. /Local Team/Reuters TV. /Local Team/Reuters TV, Cars submerged by debris after heavy rainfall flooded the town of Bitti. Seven black Canadian wolves were also missing after a wildlife park north of the southern French Riviera city of Nice was left in rubble after the floods. A collapsed road from flash flooding in the town of Bitti. The high water that devastated Venice in recent months has flooded streets, squares and landmark churches. The tragedy brought back the memory of the deadly cyclone that hit Sardinia in November 2013, when 19 people died in a flood that caused destruction in several towns. Storm Alex: Buildings, roads and bridges have been swept away in the raging flood waters At least two people have died and up to 20 are still missing after a … "I follow the news about how the bad weather in Sardinia will evolve with apprehension, as it unfortunately caused victims and people to go missing," Michele Pais, president of regional council, told reporters. Town hit hard with flooding in Italy November 29, 2020, 11:40 AM Heavy rain caused severe flooding in Bitti, Italy, early Sunday, Nov. 29, with at … Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3, Devastating flooding in Italy's Sardinia leaves at least three dead. At least three people have been killed in associated flooding with others being forced to evacuate. media caption Venice faces further flooding It suffers flooding on a yearly basis. The high-water mark hit 74 inches in Venice, flooding 85% of the city, including St. Mark's Basilica. Many rivers have overflowed. A total of 12 deaths have been reported since Friday – four on the French side, eight on the Italian. Two agents and a veterinary surgeon are searching the area by helicopter after sightings of some of the wolves were reported near the park. A red weather alert was issued for the whole island as storms continued on Sunday. Four people have died in neighboring Italy after the storm brought torrential rainfall and major flooding on both sides of the border. PARIS -- Three more bodies were discovered Monday on the French side of the border with Italy after severe mountain flooding ravaged parts of both countries, leaving at least 12 dead. Firefighters and rescuers found her body on Sunday morning. Footage shows rivers of mud in the town of Bitti, where at least three people have died. Venice suffered its second exceptionally high tide in a week, with waters rising 154 centimeters (61 inches) above their benchmark late morning Friday, the Ansa news agency reported. His brother managed to grab onto a tree and was saved, while authorities were searching on the French side for the shepherd. Shocking footage has been posted by residents of the town of Bitti located in Sardinia’s Nuoro province. The swollen River Po, Italy… The victims died on Saturday and were all from the town of Bitti in eastern Sardinia, where the flood turned the streets into a deadly river of mud that dragged away cars in its fury and swallowed the lower floors of the town's houses. A spokeswoman for France’s Alpes-Maritimes regional administration, badly hit by the storm along with the Italian regions of Liguria and Piedmont, said it was unclear where the bodies had come from but corpses unearthed from cemeteries had washed up on the Italian side. The town of Bitti, in Sardinia, where the flood brought death and devastation. Italy has declared a state of emergency in Venice after the Italian city was engulfed by 1.87m (6ft) high water levels, flooding its historic basilica and cutting power to homes. Hundreds of rescue workers were searching for up to 20 other people still missing. The other two “are probably dead, too”, Hansen said. Extreme weather conditions were also foreseen for the regions of Sicily and Calabria. An entertaining blend of Italy's latest news headlines, politics, sport, business, and features. A … The governors of both Liguria and Piedmont have asked the Italian government for emergency aid. According to local sources, much of the town's center, including the main square and the area surrounding the town hall is impassible due to a mudslide. Residents have already been evacuated. Severe floods hit southern France and northern Italy. The spokesman for Italy’s firefighters said a search was ongoing for a missing shepherd who was pulled into flood waters on Col de Tende. By Associated Press , … The city is made up of more than 100 islands inside a lagoon off the north-east coast of Italy. In … A woman jumps over a puddle during cleaning following a flooding in Venice, Italy, Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019. “The priority is to find them, and capture them with the help of a dart gun,” the OFB regional director, Eric Hansen, told Agence France-Presse. Heavy downpours cause floods and landslides along the Riviera, leaving two missing and hundreds displaced. Flooding from record rains in a mountainous region of France and Italy has killed two people in Italy and left at least 24 people in the two countries missing. A 55-year-old farmer, Giuseppe Mannu, was caught by a landslide while driving his vehicle. /Google Maps. The storm, … At least three people have been killed by flooding after two days of heavy rain hit the Italian island of Sardinia, with two more people still missing on Sunday evening. The worst flooding in Venice in more than 50 … The third victim, 89-year-old Lia Orunesu, was swept away by the violence of the water as she stood outside her house. A fireman died and 19 people were missing in France and Italy after a storm hit border regions of the two countries, causing heavy flooding that swept away roads and damaged homes, authorities said on Saturday. Black Canadian wolves are a large subspecies of grey wolves, weighing about 80kg. Authorities have issued flood warnings across northern Italy as heavy rain has led to widespread flooding. This … An aerial view as flood waters surged through Saint-Martin-de-Vésubie, Tende and other villages in south-eastern France at the weekend. The French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) has warned that the wolves may starve to death if not found soon as they are used to being fed. At least three people were killed and two others were missing after heavy rain caused severe flooding in Sardinia, Italy, on November 28, local media reported. Tourists are still welcomed, but advised to … The spokesman for Italy's firefighters said a search was ongoing for a missing shepherd who was pulled into flood waters on Col de Tende. Floods cause havoc and victims in northern Italy A state of disaster has been declared in two regions after severe flooding that has left at least one person dead and others missing. Flooding from record rains in the mountainous region that spans France and Italy has killed two people in Italy and left at least 24 people missing. The task of searching for victims of the French and Italian floods in Alpine villages and on nearby coasts has grown more gruesome as authorities … Giuseppe Carzedda, 90, drowned in his home. The task of searching for victims of the French and Italian floods in Alpine villages and on nearby coasts has grown more gruesome as authorities have said corpses from cemeteries have been swept down the mountain by violent rains. Firefighters look at the flash flooding next to buildings in Bitti. ... where the flood turned the streets into a deadly river of mud that dragged away cars in its fury and swallowed the lower floors of the town's houses. ___ Colleen Barry in Milan, Italy contributed to the story. Event. /Vigili del Fuoco/Handout via Reuters. The extreme weather has caused flooding and landslides in several areas. Sardinian President surveys flood damage in Italy The President of Sardinia surveyed damage in the town of Bitti on Nov. 29, after massive flooding caused landslides and killed at … Residents spent the night shoveling the mud away from the town's streets and their houses, as the rain kept falling. One man died on the barrier island of Pellestrina. The cemetery corpses were in such an advanced state of decomposition that they were clearly distinguishable from recent storm victims, the spokeswoman told the Associated Press. Three people were killed in Bitti, a town in Sardinia’s Nuoro province, on November 28 after heavy rain caused severe flooding, ANSA reported.Among those killed were a 55-year-old farmer whose vehicle was overwhelmed by a landslide and flooding, a 90-year-old man who was drowned in his home, and an 89-year-old woman whose home was hit by the flooding and mudflow, the outlet … The mayor of Tende, Jean-Pierre Vassallo, told Le Parisien newspaper that the village cemetery “was cut in two” and bodies were unearthed. (Valery Hache/AFP via Getty Images) Flooding … Flooding in France and Italy at levels not seen for 20 years has killed at least two people and left 24 others missing, prompting hundreds of rescue operations. Daily news from Italy written in English by native English-speaking journalists. News Floods sweep southeast France and northern Italy, several missing. A third enclosure with three central European grey wolves was spared, and would become the Canadian wolves’ temporary home once they were found, he said. Local authorities said cemeteries in the French towns of Saint-Martin-de-Vésubie and Tende were partially washed out by the floods. Roaring floods of mud and water can be seen rushing through the narrow streets of the town, carrying loads of floating debris with them. Floods in the Nuoro province of Italy's Sardinia island have left at least three people killed and one gone missing, local media reported on Saturday. There were fears for two other towns near Bitti, Galtellì, where water was coming in from the nearby dam of Preda Othoni, and Torpè, where the water inside the dam Maccheronis has reached maximum levels. More than 600 rescuers and others are searching for about 20 people still unaccounted for. This aerial photo taken on Saturday shows floodwaters surging through Saint-Martin-Vésubie in southeastern France after heavy rains.
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